Advantages of the Tokenization Solution

Cardano Dex Platform

Coordination with the legislator in a highly regulated market environment, companies have identified various conflict potentials and developed a solution in coordination with the legislator. Both their products and their technological implementation comply with the regulatory framework.

Development according to current standards

The cardano dex platform develops its solution using the latest technologies, frameworks and standardized components. During development companies use the most modern software practices. By maintaining standards, companies achieve a high degree of automation and are therefore ready for the next stage of development.

Efficiency costs and settlement

By integrating their blockchain infrastructure, companies can tokenize or process transactions even more cost-effectively. Companies are independent of the utilization and cost structure of a public blockchain.

Tradability or Transferability

The blockchain infrastructure ensures that tokens can be transferred by current security standards. Digital shares are issued via their marketplace and can also be traded by market participants.

What Can Be Tokenized?

Almost every asset can be tokenised. It is certainly more a question of ‘how’ – it is important to comply with the applicable legal framework and to reach an agreement with the legislator on the structuring of the security.

Cardano Dex Platform

Tokenization of real estate

Their properties are tokenised via a so-called SPV special-Purpose-Vehicle. The SPV was founded to hold real estate. The tokenised digital shares of the property special purpose vehicle can be issued and traded from now on.

Tokenization of art

The tokenisation of their art goods is also implemented with the help of an SPV. Unlike real estate, there is no property register for works of art. Nevertheless, companies use the structuring possibilities offered by a special purpose vehicle and issue digital shares based on the art goods.

Old-timer and young-timer tokenization structures the value of the asset in an SPV (Special-Purpose Vehicle). As with real estate and art, the special purpose vehicle is used to issue digital shares and structure the partial ownership.

How do certain companies Tokenize Their Assets?

Companies can tokenize almost any tangible asset. Through blockchain technology and tokenisation, companies can represent this asset digitally with several tokens. To achieve this, companies rely on standards in development. companies use the Ethereum blockchain as the foundation technology. The Ethereum Blockchain is widely used and has a strong community. The technology can already be found in some applications and the crypto token ETH is based on this blockchain. For the development of tokenisation, companies rely on the ERC-20 standard. The token is developed with the framework Openzeppelin. This framework provides common contract templates that have been tested by Openzeppelin many companies intentionally rely on standards for the development of tokens (Smart Contracts). This approach gives us the option of integrating third-party token on their platform or their token on third-party platforms.