Benefits of comprehensive marketing

Benefits of comprehensive marketing

Comprehensive marketing allows you to combine online and offline strategies. Guiding the customer through the buying process can involve engaging various offline or online channels. For this reason, it is important to combine both strategies and update the different teams that make up the marketing area to work together and set specific goals toronto sales support services.

The key is to analyze the behavior of the target audience across the different channels and offer them the information they need adapted to each particular medium and at the time of purchase they are in. It’s not just about selling, it’s about generating an EXPERIENCE around your brand.

Promote the integration of strategies

As Aristotle said in his Metaphysics, “the whole is more than the sum of its parts” . Without doubt, this knowledge is applied to Integral Marketing strategies where the synergy or union of energies is everything .

If the Marketing area has several promotion areas that are not related to each other or pursue a common goal, it cannot be defined as an Integral Marketing Strategy but rather as independent processes.

Definition of common objectives and best practices

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Knowing what the objectives of the Marketing team are will allow you to align the project in 3 fundamental aspects:

Involve all members together in the design of the strategy.

Design best practices to reuse in future projects.

Increase team collaboration and efficiency.

The communication of the offline and online marketing teams with the sales team is extremely important to understand if the applied strategies have taken effect or if the campaign needs to be changed. The 3 teams, working in unison, will feed the company’s communication strategy and result in better brand positioning.

Better results are achieved with teamwork

By integrating different areas of Online Marketing (Positioning, Online Advertising, Email Marketing, Social Media and Content Management) and Offline (product definition, price, promotion and distribution), great results are achieved.

This is because Comprehensive Marketing allows you to strengthen the strategies of both worlds , reach the target audience in various ways and strengthen the positioning of the brand through different channels.

An absolutely intangible lever  , made up of long-term perceptions and memories called Brand . In particular, value-driven brands generate long-term profitability for an organization and provide a long-term competitive advantage.

If until a few years ago brand-consumer communication was almost univocal, now it is absolutely bilateral. Social media and the advent of new technologies have overturned the communication paradigm and made the communications generated around a brand fluid and continuous.