How to choose the central that suits you?

Who will sell your products is the main difference between Vendor and Seller. Amazon’s retail division buys and resells your products to their customers through Vendor Central. You can sell directly to Amazon customers using Seller Central in

Because there are differences between the two, it is essential to understand the benefits.

What is seller central?

The web interface used by brands and merchants to market and sell their items directly to Amazon customers is known as Amazon Seller Central. You are a marketplace or third-party seller if you have a Seller Central account in have two choices for completing orders from Amazon customers as a marketplace seller. You may handle shipping, customer support, and returns for each order yourself, or you can enroll your products in Amazon’s Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) program and let them handle it for you.

In seller central

  • Anyone can use Seller Central.
  • Sell to Amazon customers directly.
  • Logistical choices that are flexible
  • Quick payment terms
  • The brand is in charge of retail pricing.
  • Advertising possibilities are limited.
  • The sales procedure is complicated.
  • Enhanced Content for Your Brand

What is vendor central?

Manufacturers and distributors use Amazon Vendor Central, which provides a web interface. A first-party seller sells through Vendor Central. You’re selling to Amazon in volume as a supplier. Vendor Central is only open to those who have been invited.

Amazon seller central pros

Fulfillment costs

Shipping and fulfillment costs frequently restrict your capacity to offer low-cost items on Amazon. The minimum fulfillment charge for non-media FBA items is 2.41dollars at the time of writing, not including Amazon’s commission.

Lower sales

According to studies, items that ship from and are sold by Amazon. Frequently, outsell items that are offered through FBA or Shipped and Sold by 3P Seller. Furthermore, if other 3P sellers list and sell against you via FBA, those sellers would lose a considerable portion of overall sales. If you are the seller in the buy box, your adverts will only appear.


If you are not sure which option is best for you and you sell fewer than 40 items per month, I would recommend starting with the Individual seller account so you can stop thinking about it and start selling right away.

You can upgrade to the Professional seller account whenever you sell 40 products per month or, if you desire more capabilities.