Five Frequently Asked Questions at This Year’s Fish Show

January is always the beginning of the North America boat show season.

January is always the beginning of the North America boat show season.

To begin the season of fish shows, in 2011 in Central America there was an exhibition of boats and fishing, which will be held from January 14 to 23. The exhibition is located in the center of I-X in Cleveland.

Five Frequently Asked Questions at This Year's Fish Show

  1. What would you call the necessary “practical seminar” for participating in this year’s marine show?

Last year, we upgraded the Angler’s Alley line of speakers to include the best professionals, tournament winners and experts, and visitors reacted so well that we had to add additional rows of chairs after the first day.

At the 2011 exhibition, we will celebrate four Engler-Ellie “universities” on four days off; one that covers each of the zander, perch, fishing electronics and steel tip.

  1. What was or will always be the “most popular exhibition”?

People have always come and will come because of the large selection of ships; They are really the stars of the show.

The variety of boats in our show cannot be matched, and I think that visitors really benefit from having a single window for everything: from large cruises and fishing boats to sports boats, sailing boats, pontoons and personal watercraft.

  1. What, in your opinion, is the “attraction number 1” of this year’s show?

We were lucky to board a racing boat at sea: Time Bandit Super V Lite for the second half of the show, January 20-23.

People arriving in the days preceding your arrival – you will want to see the eternal wooden ships, which will be represented by the Society of Antique Boats of the North Coast, the Association of Boat Owners Liman and the Cleveland Society of Boat and Boat Lovers.

  1. What would be your “frequently asked questions” about this year’s show?

People always ask about discounted tickets, and we will offer a lot this year. Tickets at a discount of $ 2 are already on sale at all Marc stores in Cleveland, and on Tuesday, January 18th, we will run a food preservation campaign. A visitor to the show, who will bring 4 canned food to fill a small pot, will be awarded free admission to competing in fish shows.

At 5 p.m. Every night, the price of admission is reduced to $ 5. Thursday night entertainment will be hosted by South Bass Island Regulars.

  1. What’s new this year?

A new “Cruise Lifestyle Scene” will be organized for demonstrations on diesel mechanics, equipping sailing ships, cooking in a small galley, and an exhibition at regional destinations.

The popular second-hand pavilion, which debuted at the 2010 exhibition using quality second-hand boats from several exhibitors, will return with the regional pavilion Put-in-Bay, Destination Vermilion and Destination Sandusky.