Dos and don’ts of confinement period

In Asia, there are many different practices during the confinement period. Each community follows it according to its rules and regulations. They have the confinement period so that the mother can be protected from falling ill in the future and become stronger. Due to this reason the confinement food menu is different than the regular food. It includes all the food items which are full of nutritional value which will be benefited for both the child and the mother. Let us see some of the dos and don’ts which new mothers should follow in the confinement period.

  • Don’t be a superwoman: Before giving birth to the baby if you are a person who used to handle multiple tasks together and run up and down all the time. Then you should surrender all those activities to someone else and concentrate only on taking care of your baby and take rest. Doing this two will keep you busy. Taking care of the household chores without taking proper rest can affect you in long run. Not only that you will be not able to give enough attention to your child. You can only look into come urgent things else all can wait for some time.
  • No workouts: Some women become active within few weeks of giving birth, some may be up and running in confinement period itself. But that does not mean that your body is ready for high-intensity exercise. If you are comfortable then do some low-intensity exercise. It is all ok if you do not do anything for some time.
  • To build up good nutrition: You might be thinking that it is common advice given by anyone to eat nutritious food so that you can regain all your strength and give the baby the necessary supplements through breastfeeding. No that is not only the reason the studies have confirmed that after giving birth if women take nutritious food then their mood swings are in control and the chance of depression is reduced.
  • Do drink a lot of water: Drinking water will not only remove the toxins and add to improve digestion but drinking lots of water can help in milk production. That is the most important point for your baby.
  • Do get a postnatal massage: There are many benefits of having a massage after the postnatal like makes you relax, release stress, helps to regain the uterus its original size, and many more. 


So these are some of the dos and don’ts which need to follow after giving birth. Enjoy your time with the baby and take ample rest.