COD Warzone guide: Points to Keep in Mind

Warzone Missions

With the seasons progress & things change, the Warzone guide comes in very handy to keep proper track of things going across. There are plenty of things to master in the COD battle royale, right from the tricks to bunkers and find, and as the Cold War approaches there will be some secrets and warzone cheats to help you. In the Warzone guide, we are going to cover essentials from the top guns to choose, missions and challenges, and everything that you want to know to survive a bit longer.

Best guns

If you have got it set on winning the match, you will have to use COD Warzone best guns. In the guide, we have got the top guns that you can use in the Warzone, all along with proper guides like best M4A1 loadouts, MP5 builds, and much more.

Warzone Missions
COD Warzone best loadouts

When you drop unarmed and need to scavenge at first you will buy in the gear to survive for long, at that point Warzone’s best loadouts will be something you choose to improve your chances. We will look at what it means & how to take benefit of what is out there.

Warzone M4 builds

The first gun that you will get is the best and highly useful one in your game. Thus, before you spend several hours grinding for exotic weapons think of the Warzone M4 builds. There is a wide range of choices here that will suit any kind of situation and it is certainly something that you need to consider in the loadout. Suppose you have ever played any computer game that has the competitive element, probably you have played against the cheater.

No matter whether it is the sniper bullet, which felt a bit too accurate, a person teleporting over the map, or opposition that somehow knows what angle you are going to peek from every time. Some world’s highly popular computer games are fighting back against the cheaters in new & interesting ways —as cheating becomes the biggest problem.


The developers behind COD: Warzone, Destiny 2, and PUBG have all announced huge pushes to react to cheating in recent weeks. The hottest game, Valorant, is not out yet, and there is the news that cheating is one problem that has to get addressed. Cheating in computer games is not a new phenomenon. The game hacks & cheat software are around for a very long time.