Easy Ways to Make Your Paint by Numbers Appear Better

One question we come across is “how can I make my paint by numbers appear better and refined?” Well, we are all gifted with different talent by birth and you can definitely polish & fine-tune them with proper practice and earn it. The paint by numbers sets are an ideal way to start for the novice artists & beginners who are looking to develop this skill of painting. If you want to start with paint by numbers method, then flowers is the best way to go ahead with, since these kits have a wide range of colors you can play with and you can find it here.

Easy Ways to Make Your Paint by Numbers Appear Better

Many people think that this type of painting is simple and does not need any imagination, which fuels the mind & enriches the soul. The paint by number kits might appear very simple, where one only needs to fill numbers with its corresponding colors. It is the therapeutic activity, which helps you to unwind & distress in a most productive way, which is stimulating and satisfying.

Setting must be facilitating 

Sitting in a well-lit area that has got right lighting is the best stipulation of the paint by numbers. And for those small areas, invest in the magnifying head lamp & see any difference yourself. Also suppose canvas is kept on a floor, hunching for very long will be very tiring and painful for your back and neck, ensure you place this frame where you’re relaxed.

Recheck for the right color 

Never roll your eyes over this one, and I know it might appear obvious but believe me people will mess it around and bring down its entire look. When you’re invested in a painting one will get in the calm trance, thus ensure you double check the numbers & matching colors.


It is important to know that first coat is a base coat. To get the polished look, you need to recoat its color when first one gets tried to make sure the smooth, rich & non-streaky painting. You can use the white marker for covering up ghost of numbers coming through that will ruin its end result in case not rightly taken care.

Soft edges 

While working with the area in your painting that has many gradients of colors you must blend the soft edges in each other just by going back & forth with your brush for the natural transition. Make use of water to get the perfect consistency.