How is the maintenance of the surge arresters carried out?

It is necessary to periodically and visually check the operating status of the arrester and, if necessary, check that the terminals are not tightened correctly and that the length of the connections does not exceed a total of 50cm local electrician in Lexington, KY.

What is the sizing of surge arresters?

The sizing refers directly to the correct choice of the arrester which must be type 1 on the general panels of the system, type 2 on the secondary distribution, type 3 on the end users and finally, protection must be provided on the signal lines of the individual equipment. .

Do not neglect a correct installation

Do not underestimate the importance of the installation, rely on qualified personnel as if it is not done in a workmanlike manner, there is the risk of totally nullifying the function of the surge arrester.

It is necessary to check the connections to the equipotential bar and also the length of the cables which must be no more than 50 cm.

Also check that the systems you are about to purchase comply with the law and that they are well described.

The electrical and electronic systems that are installed in our homes are many and affect all domestic environments. Likewise, they are widespread in companies. All these devices are subject to overvoltages and it is therefore essential to protect them by means of overvoltage arresters for which correct installation is required that is adequate to the CEI section 534 standard and that respects the installation procedures.

How to do the installation:

The first characteristic that must be considered for a correct installation of the surge arresters is that the residual voltage is limited in case the terminals measure an overvoltage. In fact, this should not exceed the tolerance level U W relating to impulse overvoltages.

The equipment generally has three values ​​to be respected:

the protection level U P of the SPD

The voltage drop   ΔV on the cables connecting the SPD to the conductors

The tension induced by reflection phenomena in the section between the SPD and the instrumentation to be safeguarded.

Supplies the suitable SPDs while the other two variables depend on correct installation.