Know How Big Can Rainbow Fish Get

What is rainbow fish?

Rainbow Fish is a family of fishes Melanotaeniidae. They are found in clean water and are small and colourful because of which is called rainbow fish as it has manycolours on them. As they recite in clean water, they are found mostly in northern and eastern America. They are good mates, but they can fight duringthe breeding season if there are fewer female rainbow fish. They usually eat sea plants or live food, but they don’t harm any fish and are Rainbowfish their family and other fishes. You must be wondering how big do rainbow fish get?

How big do rainbow fish get?

Rainbowfish can be too bigdepending on their breed. They can be 25 cm long and can also be as short as 3-5 cm and are called dwarf fish. They have mainly silver-blue colour and flatten body, and the fins are red,and it has one more good quality that it is not aggressive and can be put with many other fishes as they do not harm another fish

And if you are thinking of having a rainbow fish as a pet, then you have to know about these things:

  • The aquarium should be big enough so that they have enough space to move around as they can grow to 25 cm, and after being a grown fish, it should not feel to be suffocated in the tank

  • As we have discussed before, they live in clean and fresh water, so the water should be regularly changed. Once a week,and water temperature should be between 22-28 °C.
  • PH and temperature of the tank should be controlledas the PH of the tank should be between 6-7.5, and the tank should be ventilated.
  • There should be a good quality of soil and pebbles in the aquarium,and pebbles should be at the tank wall.
  • Plants should be there in the aquarium
  • And for the growth of the plant, there should be a good lighting system in the aquarium.
  • They can catch a disease if you don’t feed them a good quality of food or if you don’t give them a good amount of diet if they eat larvae or blood worms even mistakenly they can be diseased and if you don’t give them a live disease they can lose the immunity to fight with fungal infections.

The disease can be prevented by daily cleaning the tank, changing the water regularly, following all the parameters they need,and giving them a good diet.