What exactly is dental therapy?

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One reason is your physical appearance. Another issue is that the gap created by a lost tooth can place additional strain on the teeth on either side. Because the teeth close to the gap might lean into the gap and disrupt the way the upper and lower teeth bite together, a gap can also indicate that your ‘bite’ is compromised. This might result in food becoming trapped in the gap, causing tooth decay and gum disease. Tratamientos dentales barcelona employ computer anesthesia if it is still necessary for the treatment. Your high-quality therapy begins with a consultation and comprehensive diagnosis.

To diagnose the state of the teeth and bone, a range of specialist equipment is required. In all fields of dentistry, technological innovations are being applied. Laser beams, for example, can eliminate unhealthy tissue from a tooth while also disinfecting it. Caries therapy is achievable without the need of oral anesthetic in 90% of instances. The treatment may be conducted without causing you any discomfort, and unique ceramic drills can only remove decaying tissue without damaging the good dental.

How do lost teeth become replaced?

This is determined by the number of missing teeth and their location in your mouth. The condition of the teeth you still have influences your selection. There are three primary methods for replacing lost teeth. The first method in Tratamientos dentales barcelona is to use a detachable fake tooth (or teeth) known as a partial denture. The second option is to use a fixed bridge. When there are fewer teeth to replace or when the lost teeth are located on one side of the mouth, a bridge is often employed. The third method is to utilize dental ‘implants.’ This is a procedure in which an artificial root is implanted into the bone of the jaw and a crown or bridge is put on top of it.

Tratamientos dentales barcelona

What is the distinction between a metal partial denture and a plastic partial denture?

Making plastic partial dentures is less costly. However, unless they are correctly built, they can cause harm to the teeth they are supposed to fit against. Metal partial dentures are often comprised of a cobalt and chromium alloy, and they are significantly stronger. They are more comfortable to wear and may be held up by the remaining teeth. Although the base is metal, they are fitted with gum-colored plastic and natural-looking teeth. They are more costly than plastic ones.