Why Is It Important to Look For Anti-Slip Bath Mat

non slip bathtub mat

Some areas of your home, which includes areas like the bathroom, balcony, and kitchen, are always at a risk of having the wet floors. Slippery tiles and wet floors are the primary reasons for the bathroom accidents, particularly amongst the senior generation, and people with the mobility issues & pregnant women. These aforesaid areas are amongst the frequently used in a home. No matter whether it is raining, or have the wet bathroom when taking shower or somebody spills something on floor accidentally and mops the floor, the wet flooring will result in some unwanted mishaps

Why buy non-slip mats?

The non slip bathtub mat is quite useful in every home if you are worried about the safety. Around 234,000 people have to visit an emergency room each year from the bathroom-related injuries, most of that are because of to slipping in a shower.

non slip bathtub mat

Are These Non-Slip Mats Useful?

Suppose you are looking to prevent falls and slips when you are showering, then non-slip mats will often help on this front. Particularly if you have some kind of disability and chronic pain condition, it is good to stay safe and get non-slip mat. In addition, suppose you stay with an elderly person or kids, non-slip mat is not only recommended – but useful item to have.

Not just do non-slip mats prevent falls and slips, however they will prevent pain– no, not only the pain, which lingers after the falls. The cushioned non-slip mats are highly beneficial for the joints & feet as these mats’ cushioning will ease pains and aches. You will find extra relief in case you buy the non-slip mat that is made from rubber and foam rather than plastic.

Important Features to Check Out in Best Shower Mat

When it comes to finding the right shower mat, consider various characteristics, right from the size to material and color, care and maintenance. Check out important features that you need in a best mat and prevent slip.

Material & Slip Resistance

Most of the shower bathmats provide the measure of fall and slip resistance, although these materials that offer the feature differ. You must look for the mat that is made with the non-toxic material, which does not have chemicals such as BPA & phthalates that several researchers have actually linked to health risks. Based on the anti-slip features, make sure you find the best materials for your shower mats.