About Custom Stone Coasters

Greek Stone Coasters Boxed set of 4

If you have ever used stone coasters then you will notice that there are so many types of coasters which differ from sizes, shapes and colours. You can use these custom stone coasters for the boardroom and for your home. These have a lasting impression as they have a colourful process printing. This stone prevents heat from transferring to surfaces underneath a steaming cup of coffee or tea. You will find different kinds of texture which give a unique look. They are basically used to showcase the marketing campaigns for your restaurant, clubs or bars. The material of the natural stone has water-absorbing quality. Many types of stones are used like sandstone, stale and unglazed ceramics have the quality to keep your beverage from pooling and also collects up to ¼ cup moisture without any trouble. Here is one the most popular type of stone coasters mentioned below-

Some best type of custom stone coaster

Coaster Stone Absorbent Coaster

It is one of the most popular types of the absorbent stone coaster which is available in round shape and square shape. This one comes in a handsome coaster stone gift box. It has a diameter of 4.25” and also includes cork backing. They come at different prices, colours and sizes too.

About stone coasters

You have to just choose the best one as per your requirement. It is not expensive, the prize is moderate and appeals a good impression. You can see many kinds of custom stone coasters used by companies just to impress their client. As of now logos based and photographs are also printed on them. They are basically promotional tools which showcase your marketing campaign. There are types as we said like bar coasters, laser cut beverage coasters, stale coasters, engraved promotional stone coasters, blank water-absorbent tumbled stone coasters, sandstone coasters, sublimation blank stone coasters and many more. These are heat resistant but not all are absorbent. You can buy in a set of 4 or maybe 1 as per the requirement. If you want to use a stale coaster then they are heat resistant but they tend to dry-out from frequent washing. So to solve this you should rub the oil gently on the surface in order to revitalize their finish and make it beautiful. You can wash them too for hygiene purposes but rubbing oil will help too. So after washing do rub the oil on the surface.