How Online Virtual Training Platforms Has Changed The Meaning

With the increment in the demand for flexible online offerings, the perspective of students who seeks to train and move for further studies has changed. Literature has already established key success and factors for non-intensive, that is, approximately 12-13 weeks of online studies for teachers to develop skills is critical to promote a flexible with responsive approach and maintain technological capabilities among students. The ability to navigate the technology, interaction with the learning environment in various meaningful ways for self-regulated learning is a crucial step as the absence of physical infrastructure and opportunities for interactions in online classes places a greater focus on alternate forms of communication and support from both the parties that is a student and teacher.

The recent paper is known for best practice principles for online instructors, students, and student support has considered how several things might apply to intensive online environments. It is suggested that the accelerated nature of learning in intensive settings might take additional demands on students and instructors with some support mechanisms. Further research is there to determine the results of success in online virtual training platforms. 

Benefits Of Online Learning

The scope with the availability of online offerings continues to expand at the global level. Demand for more intensive and short-term courses that provide opportunities for improving the skills has increased in massive open online courses available on the internet.

Although there are many similarities if seen on traditional campus-based education and the virtual experience. Though, traditional college degree programs might not provide. The benefits are:

  • Access to the course from any time and anywhere- The individual has the freedom to study and complete the work 24/7 from anywhere and at any time that suits the busy and hectic schedule.
  • Combination of structure with freedom- Online degree programs are built on weekly assignments, and due dates that are must meet whether it needs online assessment, homework, examinations, and several projects. Watching a faculty presentation or participating in discussion with classmates can be easier in online mode.
  • Effective time management- The best benefit is Online education. It welcomes working adults who need to balance their work and family life with the demands of their workplace and Sharpened digital skills.


While increasing the knowledge in the field of study. It will also be improving the digital skills in the most sophisticated online learning technology platforms.