Snorkel gear for the newbie- Seavenger voyager snorkel set

The snorkel

If you are a water lover and want to know or explore the creatures underwater by himself but unfortunately you are a beginner and also not very good in swimming then don’t you worry still you can witness the wonders beneath the water surface by expanding some penny on Seavenger voyager snorkel set, it is very reasonable and reliable at the same time as compared to the other well known and we reputed snorkel gear.

As in the name indicates, Seavenger is a famous Canada based company that has marked services in manufacturing wetsuits, snorkeling gear water sports gear. A plus point of Seavenger’s voyager set is that it has gear not only for the adults but also they have introduced for kids too with the name of Seavenger junior snorkel set.

Specific features of components:

  1. The mask

It has a shatterproof tempered glass mask with a single panoramic lens which shows a mesmerizing view at underwater. This set has a soft, snug mask skirt contain hypoallergenic liquid-injected silicon which makes it more bearable and comfy.

  1. The snorkel

It also contains the mouthpiece which is made up of silicon. It has anti-allergic and anti-splash quality meanwhile it is also flexible and soft. Its snorkel has bitewings which safe from jaw fatigue and also offers dry top baffle system when submerged in water. It has a purge valve that drains excess of water quickly immediately after diving.

Seavenger voyager snorkel set

  1. The fins

The fins of the snorkel set have a very cool and unique design with a vibrant color scheme. Their fins are opened- heel and soft- vented. Fins are short and rigid which gives more power kicking underwater.

  1. The bag

It has a waterproof and convenient zipper bag, in which the whole gear set is easily compact.

Pros and cons of the Seavenger Voyager snorkel set


  • This set is great and ideal for beginners.
  • Voyager kit is also comfortable for traveling because of its compact structure.
  • Reasonable, reliable and durable.
  • Vented fins and panoramic view.


  • The fins are quite narrow which causes a discomfort sometimes and it may also get cracked.
  • If the snorkel is not fitted to the right angle then it may cause an issue.


Whenever you went to an island for a peaceful and relaxing break then you must take this Seavenger voyager snorkel gear along with you to enjoy the vacation to its fullest as it is cheap, comfortable and good in the material.