Why Your Business Needs Public Relations Expertise

Ronn Torossian

As a business owner, you may feel like the publicity machine is your one and only ticket to success. It sounds like a lot of work, and it is. However, without proper publicity, you could have your company crash and burn. Public relations is more than just having a website and placing an ad in the newspaper. RonnTorossian is a solid public relations plan for your business should include more than just billboards, television commercials, and radio spots.

What Does Public Relations Look Like?

Here is a list of actions that will make up the backbone of your public relations plan for your business:

Writing an effective press release

Creating a plan for social media

Planning and executing a blog

Developing an email campaign

Creating a video

Creating and scheduling content for an influencer

All of these actions will play a part in your overall public relations plan. Depending on your industry, there may be other actions you need to take, such as attending trade shows, etc.

Ronn Torossian

Is Public Relations Necessary?

While it’s true that public relations is a necessary component to any business’s success, there are several reasons you may not need to hire a public relations specialist to assist you.

Not Many People Know About You

For most businesses, this is the most obvious reason you might not need to hire a PR specialist. The reason you don’t need a PR specialist is because most people don’t know you exist.

If the average person on the street doesn’t know who you are, then they have nothing to write about, which is not what you want them writing about.

Your Advertising Is Too Low-Cost

Another reason you might not need PR assistance is because your ads are too low-cost.

If you’re only spending a few hundred dollars on a TV commercial, then you might not need a PR specialist to manage your advertising for you. However, if you’re spending thousands of dollars on advertising, then you may be missing out on the added benefits of PR.